Sunday, September 6, 2009

best of the best...PERFUME

This Chloe perfume may be the best thing I have ever smelled. I find it to be amazingly feminine, wearable, and chic. Although I don't normally tend towards floral fragrances, Chloe's mix of rose with amber and cedar wood is refreshingly warm in a non-overpowering way. Although the fragrance received some bad reviews when it first appeared in stores last year, I have never received more complements than when I'm wearing it. The scent has become a staple in my collection, being both dressy and sophisticated but still subtle enough to wear day in and day out. I went into Saks looking to smell Marc Jacob's Daisy perfume (a saccharine mix of fruit and sugar- only meant for those under 16). Instead, I left the store with an entire gift set of this fragrance, and I've never been more pleased with a perfume purchase. You can never trust fragrance reviews and although taste in perfume is very personal and individual, I insist you give this perfume a test run the next time you're at Saks Fifth Avenue (the scent's exclusive retailer).

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